There is a jewel in Southern California

September 1st, 2009

There is a jewel in Southern California who changed my face forever. When I met Tana Arnold several years ago, my fears of looking considerably older than my years had been coming true. My husband and I had moved to Redondo Beach in 2001 from Boston, and the sunny California climate and the pressure of new surroundings did not help my skin at all. But Tana was there to help.

What makes her different than most other aestheticians? Knowledge, skill and motivation to really help her clients look healthier and more attractive. With me, that translated into fewer deep wrinkles, elimination of puffy eyes and creation of that vibrant glow we all hope to achieve.

And I should add “honesty” to that list of virtues. If Tana thinks you would get more benefit from, let’s say, laser treatments, she does not hesitate to refer you to a good person.

When I first visited with her, she listened intently to what I perceived my problems to be. After hearing me out and incorporating her own professional judgment, she approached my face as if it were her own. And that was not just on day one when I met her. Over nearly 10 years of service, Tana guided me through some rather serious bodily afflictions such as chemotherapy for ovarian cancer– periodically “detoxing” my face while I was being infused with poison for 6 months.

So I am in the over-50 crowd…but Tana Arnold has a true range of skills that can be of service for any age. Yes, any age. Our 3-month old granddaughter benefited from the baby line of products, and her Mom (in her 30’s) buys Epicuren products from Tana and loves her facials when visiting from the Boston area. Add to that list my brother who is a professor in his 50’s, and my MD sister-in-law from Newport Beach, speaking of high-end clients, and of course, my own husband with rosacia, a dear friend who is just hitting 90 and a teenage niece.

Tana is a very special person, thoughtful, professional, and very committed to her work. She is a special gift in my life.

Barbara Trevett
Redondo Beach,CA

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